5 Best GMAT Exam Preparation Courses In Mumbai

5 Best GMAT Exam Preparation Courses In Mumbai – ReSOLT EduTech

The Graduate Management Admission Test, sometimes known as the GMAT, is a test for business schools that evaluates your capacity for reasoning, critical analysis, and problem-solving. Over 200,000 candidates take the exam each year in an effort to improve their prospects of getting accepted into prestigious MBA programs. It’s critical to study for the test because it’s such a crucial component of admissions. We’ve gathered a list of some of the top GMAT exam preparation programs available to help you get ready:


ReSOLT is a renowned GMAT institute in Mumbai, serving students for several years. The institute offers classroom sessions, advanced study materials, doubt solving sessions, etc., to help students clear the exam. ReSOLT provides GMAT questions that can be used to drill ideas and help you memories the format of the test.

A customized study schedule and a test-day scenario are special features of the ReSOLT’s GMAT preparation program. The test-day situation offers the ability to perform a full test run at a GMAT testing facility. Many individuals enjoy having a true “test day” before the important one.

Whether it’s GMAT classes in Mumbai or GMAT courses in Mumbai, ReSOLT is the primary choice of every student who are doing GMAT exam prep in Mumbai.

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Varsity Tutors

The knowledgeable tutors at this service provider will assist you in getting the best GMAT score possible. And they provide a range of start dates and hours to work with your schedule. Small Group Classes, which is their most economical choice, entail 20 hours of in-person teaching with a few other customers. Additionally, the well-liked GMAT Bundle plan includes a combination of group classes and individualized coaching in addition to one-on-one tutoring. These all come with two complete GMAT practice examinations, hundreds of practice questions, and dozens of diagnostic tests.

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With six genuine GMAT practice examinations made up of questions that have been retired from previous exams, EMPOWERgmat distinguishes itself from other courses by providing a true representation of what you may anticipate to score on the real test. They instruct you on how to approach any questions you may encounter and provide an expert breakdown of each response after each question.

EMPOWERgmat assures that if your score does not increase by 100 points after taking the course that they will reimburse your first month’s tuition in addition to their commitment to excellence. Additionally, they provide a free month of exam preparation if you decide to have your score cancelled.


Students can choose from a variety of ways to help them improve their GMAT exam score, and Magoosh backs this up with a 50-point improvement promise or money-back guarantee for premium users. In addition to giving you access to two complete GMAT practice examinations, 1,300 practice questions, and more than 300 video courses, they also give you customized study strategies that fit your schedule. In addition, they give students the option to complete the course from any mobile device and provide study materials for any question they believe needs more explanation.

Target Test Prep

A wonderful method to improve your quantitative abilities and gain inexpensive access to practice questions is to take the Target Test Prep GMAT course.

Access to a vast library of resources is among the instant advantages. Over 3,000 GMAT practice problems, 500 courses, and 800 video sessions are all included in Target Test Prep.

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The HD videos are all produced with engaging graphics and knowledgeable lecturers. You will receive OnTarget Learning Analytics and Error Trackers as you advance through the curriculum. Students can benefit greatly from these two advantages. The feedback they give you can help you identify trends in your errors and notify you when your level of competence suggests you are ready for a test.


As you look for the best GMAT coaching classes in Mumbai to make your business degree journey. Make sure you have the resources you need to succeed. Get exclusive information, GMAT study guides, and the resources you need for each step with one of these institutes. Join ReSOLT to attend GMAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai and get the best GMAT preparation classes near Andheri Mumbai.

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