Air Purifying Plants : A New Approach For A Better Lifestyle

Nowadays, people grow plants on the balcony or gardens of their homes, and these plants enhance the beauty of their homes as well as purify the air. Plants are also being planted to decorate the interior of the house. But not all types of plants can be grown inside the house. Plant only those plants inside the house which release oxygen in abundance. Such air purifying plants clean the air and prevent many diseases. Plant only plants that give pure air in the house so that it can make the air pure by absorbing carbon dioxide, poisonous gases and chemicals spread in the house.

Top Air Purifying Plants For Healthy Life

Most of the people in the cities live in flats or apartments, which are small in size, due to which the air circulation there is not good, and due to lack of trees and plants outside the houses, pure air is not available. That’s why air purifying plants are considered even more important.

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Due to not getting pure air, allergies, respiratory diseases, headache, fatigue, and other problems can occur in our bodies. That’s why people search for such a plant, which can purify their house air. So, below are the top air purifying plants for a healthy life, and these plants can also be grown on a large scale with the help of a Sonalika Sikander tractor for higher profits. 

Zizi Plant

Zizi plant, also known as Zanzibar Gem, is a green leafy plant that can be grown indoors, and it is one of the vital air purifying plants. This plant remains green throughout the year and grows up to a length of 2-4 feet. This plant purifies the air and releases oxygen, so it is considered very good to plant it inside the house. The Zizi plant adapts to all climates and environments and remains alive. However, the leaves of this plant are toxic, so keep children and pets away from it so they cannot eat it.

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Syngonium Plant

Syngonium is an indoor plant, which is also known as Arrowhead or Goosefoot plant. Moreover, Syngonium plants can also be considered as one of the air purifying plants. It also purifies the house’s air and reduces the number of toxic chemicals in the air. Syngonium is an easy-care plant that does not require much care.

Areca Palm Tree

The Areca palm tree is also an indoor plant whose long and spreading thin leaves enhance the house’s beauty. This plant belongs to the city of Madagascar in Africa. It is known by the names of Bamboo Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Feather Palm and Butterfly Palm. The Erica plant grows to a length of 7-10 feet, but they are planted indoors and grow up to 5-6 feet. This plant grows 6-8 inches per year. The areca palm tree plant absorbs toxic and toxic elements present inside the house, making it one of the air purifying plants. 

Jasmine Plant

The Jasmine plant is also one of the air purifying plants planted inside the house. It removes the problem of restlessness and tension. By growing this plant in the house, negative energy goes away, and positive energy increases. The Jasmine plant is also used for decoration, and the fragrance of its flower gives a feeling of relaxation by removing mental stress. Moreover, Jasmine is grown on a large scale with the help of a Kubota A Series tractor for higher profits. 

Peace Lily Plant

The name of this plant suggests it is a relaxing plant. It helps purify the air by removing gases like trichloroethylene, benzene and ammonia from the atmosphere. In addition, this plant is known to provide mental relaxation and relieve stress.

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Golden Pothos Plant

If you keep the Golden Pothos plant inside your home, it acts as an air purifier. The speciality of this plant is that it is able to eliminate carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas and has been considered effective for increasing oxygen. In addition, the golden pothos plant requires little to no sunlight. In such a situation, you can also keep this plant in your living room. 

Azalea Plant

Azalea plants can also be planted to purify the air of the house. The Azalea plant absorbs the harmful gas spread in the air and helps in purifying the air. In this case, an Azalea plant can be planted in your home to get pure air.


Snake Plant

The snake plant leaves are straight, thin, long and dark green in colour. Dark stripes are made in all species of this plant, which is its great identity. The upper part of the snake plant is like a snake’s hood, and because of the stripes, it is called the snake plant. Its plant also purifies it by absorbing harmful elements and toxic gases like Formaldehyde, CO2, Benzene, Toluene and Xylene from the air of the house. In addition, the snake plant emits oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide both day and night, due to which it is planted in bedrooms, lobbies, drawing rooms and living rooms.


Boston Fern Plant

The Boston Fern plant remains green throughout the year, and its height is 2-3 feet. You can plant this plant anywhere inside or outside your house. It has 2 to 4 inch-sized leaves bent on its branch. The outer and spreading leaves make the plant very dense. NASA has included Bostern plants as one of the air purifying plants. The Boston Fern plant absorbs the formaldehyde gas released from the adhesives, resins, paints, cosmetics, and smoke in our homes.

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The Boston Fern plant is 2-3 feet tall and has a year-round green colour. This plant can be placed both inside and outside your home. On its branch are bent leaves that range in size from 2 to 4 inches. The plant is quite dense because of its outer, spreading leaves. Bostern plants are one of the air-purifying plants listed by NASA. The formaldehyde gas created by the adhesives, resins, paints, cosmetics, and smoke in our homes is absorbed by the Boston fern plant.

Similarly, Xylene is also a harmful element found in artificial room sprays, automobile cleaners, aerosol paints, and insect killer sprays, due to which problems like headache, nervous system depression, nausea, vomiting and dizziness can occur. The Boston Fern plant removes harmful elements from the house’s air. Due to this, planting Boston Fern plants inside the house is considered very beneficial.


Stay tuned with us for more details about healthy plants. 

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