Microwave Oven Repair Service

Choosing Your Right Microwave Oven Which Don’t Need Repair Service

Every microwave oven repair service which is an essential part of the kitchen, the microwave oven comes in a variety of models, from the largest to the most efficient. How to find a microwave that will satisfy you? Do you have little time to cook? A light bulb gives you a miracle solution to fix this. You can thaw, heat, cook pizza or even eat chicken. Easy to use, quick and easy, the microwave is in more than 60% of UAE homes. However, with all the types of microwaves on the market, it is often difficult to make the right choice. Find out in this article, the main things to keep in mind to choose the right microwave.

What Are The Different Types Of Microwaves?

The type of microwave oven repair service that is right for you will depend on your needs and your family’s circumstances. If you live alone or with two, one microwave will be enough. However, if you have more than two people in your family, opt for a duo or a hybrid.

1. The same microwave

It is the largest model in the market. In addition to saving space, the microwave will provide you with many functions. You can cook, freeze or heat your food. They come in all colors and styles. Many sizes are also available.

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2. The microwave or grill duo

The duo microwave offers the same function as the mono microwave, except that it allows the heating of the dishes thanks to the resistance built into the upper part of the appliance. However, it does not cook like an oven.

3. Microwave oven combination

It is the most complete microwave in the market, with it you will have the same options as mono TV and many more! You can find convection heat function, steam function and coiled steam function. It is possible to use the microwave and grill function or the convection function to cook your food quickly.

Sides or Slopes Doors:

Regardless of the type of microwave, the two ways of opening the door in this option will not be taken seriously. A sliding door will give you the best view and access to your food dishes. As for the side door, it is better to place your microwave at a height. So your choice will depend on how fast you use the microwave. However, make sure you have enough space around your microwave to avoid opening problems.

Creating Or Applying:

As with other appliances, you can choose between a freestanding or built-in microwave. A built-in microwave is better if you don’t want to disturb the harmony of your kitchen. Also, if you don’t have enough space on your worktop for a vertical one, build one!

Regarding the installation, it is better to put it on the oven to respect the triangular function (cooking, washing, cooling).

Key Things To Consider For Your Microwave Oven:


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1. Capacity Of Microwave Oven

The capacity of your microwave will depend on how you use it, it is between 12 and 40 liters. For a family of one or two, a volume of 20 liters will be enough, for a family of 4 people, choose a capacity of 22 liters and a family of more than 6 people, choose a volume of 26 liters minimum.

2. Program:

There are three types of programs: mechanical, electronic or electronic. The electronic program continues to be the best and most widespread in the market because it is accompanied by other functions such as quick start, early start or even child protection. For mechanical programming, the main drawback is the inaccurate timer, finally for electronic programming, it is easy to use and the timer is still accurate.

3. Strength:

Microwave power is measured in watts, the more powerful your appliance, the more efficient it will be. For duo and combi microwaves, the maximum power is about 1000 W, for mono microwaves the maximum power is 750W.

4. Time Of Life:

The average life of mono and duo microwaves is about 5 years. For combination microwaves, it takes 10 years.

5. Open Space:

The hood is one of the most important parts if you want a sturdy microwave oven that lasts a long time. Many options are available: stainless steel, ceramic or epoxy. The best is stainless steel.

6. Possible Options:

Here is a list of other options you may find in the microwave:

  • Early in the season and summer
  • Hot after cooking
  • Steam service
  • Tray stop function: prevents rotation of the glass tray for even cooking
  • Equipment: browning plate or vegetable tree
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