Different Types of Trucks :- With Major Applications Explained

We encounter many essential things in everyday life, and we ignore them. Yet, they help in our life at many different levels. Also, we do not even notice how hard life would be if these innovations never happened. 

Suppose a day starts without tea or coffee and getting late delivery because the shop does not have the stock. These things have become our necessity; life without them is beyond imagination. We get all these things on time because some machines work tirelessly to provide these things on time. Let’s see how much our life is dependent on this medium of transport.


Trucks are an essential vehicle; we use them in so many ways we do not even know. Truck helps us transport goods to distant places, and because they are covered and come with a wholly covered body. The goods remain safe in them and can do the last mile delivery. The last-mile delivery is when we unload the goods at the final location, trains or any other medium if transport can not do that; as a result, trucks have become the most important way of transportation.

In the older times, these vehicles were based on conventional fuels but now it is coming in other fuel options also. Currently the trucks are available in Petrol, CNG, LNG, LPG, Hydrogen and Electric also. 

Types Of Trucks And Their Works:-

Trucks come in many different shapes and sizes, but the work of every truck is almost the same. The sole reason for takingTrucks and Unknown Relations with Human In Everyday Life things from one place to another safely. Here we will discuss some types of trucks and their work according to their specifications. 

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These are the most basic models of trucks, which come with a cabin and a trailer attached to them. This truck model is the most common type we see in our day-to-day life and is for the heavy transportation purposes. These trucks are designed for heavy-duty and long-distance journeys, the trailer of these trucks are changeable, and we can transport anything. These trucks are used for heavy transport like shifting construction material to far places, supplying goods to the army in the outpost of Ladakh and Siachen, carrying cars, transporting cattle or animals and many more. There is no end to the list of works these kinds of trucks can perform and never let the country have a shortage of anything. Volvo Trucks has one of the best models in this segment which comes with advanced technology. 


Tippers are vehicles which are built for the work of dumping and have high loading capacity in most cases. These vehicles are prominently worked in construction sites or mining areas which need heavy loading vehicles. These vehicles come with robust bodies which can be lifted with a pump and unload all the material. The tippers are built with high gradeability which helps in providing good assistance to the vehicle while travelling on the inclined surfaces. 

The loading body of the vehicle is lifted with the help of a pump which is operated by pneumatic force. The pump generates enough power to lift the whole loading part of this vehicle with the complete payload. The gradeability of the vehicle also helps in the mining areas as the vehicles need to travel up and down many times. 

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The trailers are also called tractor trucks because of their designs. The reason behind this is these vehicles are divided into two units. The first unit includes the driver cabin, engine and all the mechanical, electrical and all the other working mechanisms. And the second unit is the trailer of this vehicle in which the load is filled and it is detachable. The trailer is built with a long body and it can be designed and modified according to the needs of customers. 

These types of vehicles are used for heavy haulage works for longer distances and they run intercities. Trailers comes with high Gross Vehicle Weight and high payload capacity. 

Other Categories

These are some of the most used truck models we notice in our daily life cycles, but they do not end here. There are models you do not see very often, like mini trucks; these vehicles are best for an entry level business man who wants to start a small business. RMC (Ready Concrete Mixer) trucks are for the construction sites to concrete and cement at high volumes. Some trucks come with the lift axle technology in one axle and have 2 or 4 tyres. It is use as per your requirements according to the loads or the place you are driving on.


The innovation of trucks is one the most fruitful inventions we have got from the past; now, this has become one of the essential things in our life. Trucks have become the country’s lifeline, and the business regulates a big part of our economy. The Technology of trucks is still upgrading so that we can use these things in more operations.

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