How can we avoid Google penalties?

In every work, we have some shortcuts but sometimes we have to pay for that same with online businesses on google. If we try any shortcut or any kind of illegal practice to grow up business on google we have to pay a penalty for that.


There are two types of Google penalties:

  1. Manual Google Penalties 
  2. Automated Google Penalties

Further, we describe these two types in detail:


Manual penalties are a variety of penalties that a human reviewer issues at google. The penalty pertains to the reviewer specifies the site is not in compliance with Google’s guidelines.

In simple terms, a penalty is a “punishment” manually charged on a website by Google’s web spam team. This normally happens when the website disobeys Google’s quality guidelines. This penalty results in a surprising decline in rankings and organic traffic loss.

Google issues a manual activity against a site when a human reviewer at Google has specified that pages on the site are not obedient with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines. Most manual actions manage tries to manipulate our search index.

There are different ways to avoid these penalties.

Some ways are: 

Do Not Buy Links

Buying links might always assemble you a penalty from Google. Do not expect any compassion from the search engine massive if you get grabbed. For sure, the companies that sell links may have a vivid sales slope with a lot of flashy terminologies, but don’t trust them, If you have to buy paid links, you will get grabbed finally. And also, never trust when they tell you their links are undetectable.


Keyword Stuffing

Nowadays, Google has been actively against and penalizing websites that keyword stuff for over a decade. However, Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm update has proven that this search engine colossus can now also understand the content as a human, we can say not much better but as a human. The update was brought together around natural language understanding. Therefore, search engines unaffectedly better understand when content does not flow or does not pass the “smell test” for being naturally written when it gets tested for uniqueness. To a void, a Google penalty one should write content naturally, meaning write your own content, similarly to how you use to talk in real life, and keep your keyword usage around 2-3% is the standard rule of thumb.

Non-Unique Content or Copyright Infringing

In google terms this is called “duplicate content” and google takes it exceptionally seriously. This includes two different things. One is, it keeps pages that include similar content on multiple pages from being posted altogether, meaning they do not even show up. Second, you can be punished for posting your content over many websites, by copy paste the same content on different websites.


Never Hide Content

By default, google focused on transparency. Not surprisingly, Google doesn’t like it when somebody tries to trick them by hiding the content. Some SEO experts that do not keep up with the time will do these kinds of things like writing their content text that matches the background color of the page. By doing so they think it will help them to rank up but they get panelized. Be as transparent as you can with Google, and upload high-quality content only.

Show You are a Trusted, Legal Business Google wants to provide the highest-quality experience for clients and their searchers who are using it as their preferred search engine. The mega-giant search engine wants to assure those searchers have a great experience and, therefore, they want to assure that the websites that are opened on the page are useful to what searchers are looking for. So, Google manages to favor websites with high-quality, seamless client experience. Optimizing your site can help out you to increase your website’s rankings and decrease your site’s chance of getting penalized by google .


Not Noticing a Hacked Website

Hacking is a more serious as well large issue than ever to see, and nowadays kids are learning to smell out your website’s content management system to add malicious content, spam, and links. When Google’s spider bots recognize that a site has been hacked, Google giant issues a notification just next to the search results including a hacked site with a notice, “this site is hacked”, which may be an alarming penalty than losing some track in your search rankings.

Its Good To Include Your Physical Address Throughout your Website

Your physical location might help you avoid a penalty and be seen as non-legal because it shows you are credible and trustworthy. This is directly related to how Google ranks sites and pages on the web. Keeping the name, address, and phone number of your company on your website will show that you are legal and trusted. 



A penalty is a negative action for any website as it decreases the rush on the website, the website may be invisible to the searchers for some time, it will affect your website ranking. Automated Google penalties are a kind of penalties that are imposed on any website automatically by changing google algorithms. We are unable to identify these algorithms, we get it after when we realize the traffic gets slowed down over our website .to avoid these penalties and get yourself updated with google algorithms

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