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You’ve made the decision to purchase a gold ring but need some help? Let’s review the most important aspects you need to think about before you decide on the type of BUY GOLD RING.

What Karat Should My Gold Ring Be?

Gold karat refers to a number that indicates how many pure gold parts are contained in a piece of jewelry in 24 total parts. For example, 10 karat gold rings have around 42 percent the gold (10 multiplied by 24) while the remainder is different metals like nickel, zinc, and so on.

It is a fact that higher-karat gold tends to be more expensive because it is more pure. Therefore take the price into account when deciding on an gold karat.

But, there’s a second element that is often ignored the durability. Since pure gold is soft, the lighter the amount of karats in an earring made of gold, the more hard and longer-lasting it will be.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you decide whether you should choose an upper or lower karat

The low-karat gold rings (e.g. 10k, 10k or 14k) are ideal for daily wear since they are more resistant to scratch and need polishing less frequently.

Additionally, ring components that are made of gold with low-karat content do not break or bend like those made from pure gold.

The high-karat gold rings (e.g. 18k, 20k, or 22k) are a great option for pieces you’ll not use frequently. They look more yellow than rings with lower karat, but they will also be more scratchy.

Rings made from pure gold will also get worn down faster and the parts of them are more prone to breaking.

Does the Gold Ring Contain Nickel?

Nickel is a common metal that is frequently used in gold alloys. The issue with it is that it may cause skin rashes for people who are sensitive to nickel.

If you suffer from an allergy, avoid buying 10k gold rings because the nickel concentration in them may be too much for you. 14k gold rings could be a better choice. However they may also be a problem for those who have an allergy.

To be on the safer to be safe, select the ring that is 18k and over. The fact is that purer gold rings aren’t able to be nickel-free; however the content in gold with higher karats is generally too small to cause allergic symptoms.

What Should the Ring Setting Be Made Of?

If the ring you are wearing has the stone set ensure that you are aware of the material that the setting is comprised of. This is crucial when it comes to prong settings where stones are secured in place with tiny posts.

If the prongs are constructed from yellow gold, they’ll get worn down quickly due to their softness material. If any of the worn prongs break or bend you could lose the gemstone.

It’s better if the prongs inside the setting of your ring are made from a more robust metal like platinum (if you are able to afford it). A different option is white gold. It’s coated with Rhodium plating, making it stronger and less likely to break.

Should the Ring Be Solid Gold or Gold Plated?

Some gold rings are not composed of pure gold; others are simply covered with a coating of it. Under the layer are other metals.

These rings with gold plating are typically less expensive than gold-plated ones. But, the plating will get worn off with time, contingent on the frequency at which you wear the rings.

In general, it is best to only consider purchasing a gold-plated ring only if you intend to wear it only occasionally and the plating will wear off. If you’re sensitive to nickel. You should make sure that the material used to make it isn’t contaminated with it or avoid gold-plated products completely.

Rings that you intend to frequently wear, go to solid gold. It is more durable over time.

Consider the Ring Body

When you’re looking at rings you could purchase. You should also take into consideration how durable its body is.

Bands of rings must not be too thick – in the event that the ring is too thin. Then it will shrink as you wear it. And eventually it will break.

Gold is an extremely soft metal that can easily wear down. Select an ring that’s heavy enough to not be able to bend or break within about a year.

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