IELTS Exam Preparation 2023- A Complete Guide

IELTS Exam Preparation 2023- A Complete Guide To Get The Best IELTS Score

Understanding the test format, how it is graded, and developing a strategy to achieve your desired score are all part of IELTS exam preparation. To do so, you will need to improve your English, practice test skills, and enroll in a preparation course before registering for the test.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System is abbreviated as IELTS. Simply put, it is a test that evaluates your English language skills in both spoken and written English. If you want to study or work in a country where English is the primary language of communication, primarily in Anglophone countries, you must demonstrate proficiency in the language to university admissions officers and visa officers.

The IELTS exam assesses your abilities in listening, reading, writing, and speaking through two test formats: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. While IELTS Academic is for those who want to pursue higher education or professional certification, IELTS General Training is for those who want to move to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. The United States accepts the same for academic and professional purposes.

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The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment jointly designed and own the test.

IELTS Eligibility Criteria

The IELTS test is open to anyone over the age of 16. You can take this test if you want to study, work, or migrate to the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, as well as study or work in the United States.

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In addition, you can attend the best IELTS institute in Mumbai, best IELTS institute in Andheri, or best IELTS institute in Dadar to make your preparation strong.

IELTS Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The IELTS will assess your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in English in two hours and 45 minutes. As previously stated, the reading and writing components of the two tests, IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training, differ, whereas the listening and speaking tests are the same for both.

You must complete all three listening, reading, and writing tests in that order, without taking a break. The speaking test can be scheduled on the same day as the exam or seven days before or after it. This option is available at your testing center.

  • Listening

You will be given 30 minutes to answer a series of questions based on four pre-recorded audio tapes. There will be discussions about everyday life as well as educational topics. Two of the recordings will be monologues on both academic and social topics.

Your responses will reveal your understanding of the topic at hand, as well as detailed factual information, opinions and attitudes of speakers, and your ability to follow how ideas develop throughout the process.

  • Speaking

This section lasts approximately 15 minutes, during which the examiner will speak to you about a variety of topics such as work, family, studies, interests, and so on.

You will then be given a topic and one minute to prepare to speak for two minutes on it. The examiner will ask you additional questions on the same subject.

  • Reading

It is a 60-minute test that involves reading long texts from various sources. The text for IELTS Academic test takers will be descriptive and appropriate for those wishing to apply for university courses. In the case of IELTS General Training, you will be required to read extracts from general life in English-speaking environments.

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You will be required to answer 40 questions based on the information provided above. The goal of these tests in both contexts is to assess your reading skills and how well you understand the logical argument and the writer’s point of view.

  • Writing

The assessors will evaluate you based on your ability to describe/summarize some text, argument, data, figures, graph, or the like, depending on the type of test you are taking.

You will have 60 minutes to write it in formal, semi-formal, or informal style, depending on the task at hand.

IELTS Examination Dates

The IELTS exam is typically held four times per month, which means you can take it at any time during the year’s 48 sessions. Both the Academic and General Training test formats are equally divided into 24 dates. For convenience and flexibility, these exams are typically held on Thursdays and Saturdays. Although the dates are fixed, some may have additional days due to the location and ongoing important events in location. On the official website, you can view the current dates.

How to Prepare for IELTS?

As you embark on your journey through the English-speaking world, IELTS will serve as a springboard for future achievements. Your aptitude and familiarity with test-taking techniques are important factors, but so is your ability to deal with stress. You will be able to achieve your goals and get the score you want faster. If you use the right tools and pair them with the right amount of preparation. IDP also provides free practise exams, courses, articles, and videos to help with IELTS exam preparation.

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The front lines of the IELTS exam preparation phase include:

  • Arrange your studies in accordance with the test format you’ve chosen.
  • Because practise makes perfect, practise and learn more.
  • While practicing, identify your weaknesses and pain points and work on them.
  • Take practise tests to get ready for the real exam and testing environment.

So, choose the best IELTS courses near Andheri, Dadar, in Mumbai to get better learning exposure with advanced learning environment.

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