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The Psychology of Custom Web Development: How User Behavior Impacts Design

The web development sector is competitive, and customers have many options. Thus it is no longer viable to have a website that doubles as a business card. Your website should serve as a tool for direct sales. Thus, there is no room for chance in this strategy.

We are strong believers in the notion that design psychology applies. You can sway user behavior, urge them towards a preferred course of action, or influence consumer choice by employing specific psychological triggers. Also, you’ll get a better return on your investment as a result of that.

Now that you know that website design can increase sales, let’s take a deeper look at some of the specific strategies and outcomes employed to achieve that goal.

The Impact of Serial Position:

Coined by Hermann Ebbinghaus, the term refers to a user’s inclination to recall the first and final things in a sequence instead of the middle ones. The primacy effect and the recency effect are subcategories of the serial position effect based on which position individuals pay more attention to.

According to the primacy effect, people frequently recall the first objects they are presented with more accurately since they just have to expend minimal processing time to memorize them.

The primacy effect assumes that the initial informational elements are more significant than the following ones, which is quite similar to anchoring bias.

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The serial position effect demonstrates that by arranging objects or pieces of information in a specific order, you can influence user behavior. Let’s now look at some ways to improve a design in order to boost sales.

Begin With The Most Expensive Item:

One strategy for maximizing the serial position effect is to draw customers’ attention by placing the most expensive component of your paid membership plan first.

But be mindful of your intended audience. Don’t price the initial item too high; savvy consumers and those with better cognitive abilities won’t accept it. Instead, keep the costs reasonable and consistent with what you typically offer.

Reorganize The Menu Of Options:

No matter what kind of website you have, always place the most crucial links at the top and bottom of the navigation menu. By doing this, you’ll increase the number of clicks on the data you would like to emphasize.

It could be the “about us” section, the product or service pages, customer service, the “contact us” button, exclusive promotions, etc.

Outline The Principal Advantages:

Another strategy to get the most from the primacy effect is to put major rewards in the very beginning. Tell your customers about your deal-breaker, whether it’s free shipping or a risk-free trial. As consumers browse your website, consider these offers the standout features.

Improve The Page’s Content:

While creating a landing page, arrange the material according to the idea of serial position. This entails giving your page’s first paragraph to the main topic, which is typically a business value and concluding it by providing a call to action (CTA).

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Result of Von Restorff:

The Von Restorff effect, sometimes known as “the isolation effect,” asserts that people recall the things that stick out. You can use light, color, shape, situations, imagery, animation, phrases, or sound to bring attention to the odd products and help your potential customers remember them.

Focus On CTA Buttons:

Whether you sell goods or services, your goal is to influence website visitors to take a specific action. By pressing CTA buttons like “call us,” “learn more,” “purchase now,” “request demo,” “register,” and “search,” among others, you can usually do this. Increase the prominence of that button to increase the likelihood of success.

The Choice Paradox

An effect set to manage your clients’ behavior is this one. The choice paradox, which was first stated by psychologist Barry Schwartz, contends that having too many alternatives frequently results in hesitation and lower sales. Limit the amount of CTA buttons as well.

The Zeigarnik Effect:

Another persuasive technique that site designers cannot overlook is this one. As according to psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, unfinished chores remain in people’s minds and cause them to recur in their thoughts.

You should logically encourage prospective customers to complete the activity, whether it’s a signup form, an online purchase, or a profile filling.


You have the power to persuade them to buy a specific product and entice them to return to your website frequently. You can apply the strategies outlined above or also depend on other psychological principles dependent on the site you are constructing.

Don’t rely solely on these methods, though. Do not lose sight of the fact that your goal is to create a website that enables consumers to accomplish their goals as you labor to persuade customers to take a particular course.

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Custom website development in this manner is no easy task and should be dealt with carefully and professionally. You can boost conversions, widen revenue streams, and keep churn rates in check as long as this is achieved.

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