Things You Need To Know Before Digitizing Services

People usually get confused when it comes to the different file types to save the images nowadays. As multiple businesses are keen to have an online presence, you might have heard about the custom vector services a lot! A huge number of people are still in confusion why they need this service?

Once the business owner visits the market, they are asked about the vector file of their logo or any artwork. Most of the time owners have a few questions in their mind like why their standard logo can’t be used? If you are planning to advertise the business offline or online, you have to be aware of multiple file formats. The proper knowledge will help you to make the communication better with advertisers and developers.

If you are also one of the people who want to get the service but are not aware of it then, this blog is going to explain everything to you. Keep on reading!

Types of File

Note that, there are two types of files; one is vector and the other is raster. For better understanding, you have to be aware of the difference between both file types.

Raster Image

It consists of many colored boxes known as pixels. For a picture, you need a group of pixels. Some of the common raster image file formats are GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Almost every image you see is a raster. These pictures are made of a fixed number of pixels, so you are not able to resize them beyond a certain point without breaking them into boxes. If you try to squeeze or stretch the picture, the image starts to distort!

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Due to the above practice, when people try to alter an image, it becomes pixelated or becomes a low-resolution image. Therefore, you need to keep the raster images within a particular dimension.

Vector Image

Vector images are flexible. You can stretch them or compress them as per your need. You can change their size as per the requirement without any compromise on the quality. Unlike the blocks in the raster images, these images are dependent on mathematical calculation. Some of the common formats that you see in vector images are AI, EPS, and SVG.

Remember that, if you need a logo for publishing, advertising, or marketing, you will have to convert it to a vector. You need to get custom vector service from a skilled company that can perform the job in a good way. One of the common practices that you might see is that a designer may firstly make the logo in a raster format. Later, it is converted to vector format. It is always best to have a vector file of your logo and save the master file to use it in the future.

The master file can be used for small items like envelopes, letterheads, business cards, and even on large surfaces. Whenever you plan to use it, make a copy before the use. Why? In case you make any mistake, the master file will stay intact and you can again use the master file to create a new file.

Custom Vector Service

Looking to get a specific logo or image converted into vector format? You should find out the custom vector service near your area by doing an online search. Want to know how the things work, have a look below:

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Nowadays, designers use various software for creating vector art services or logos! The two most widely used software in the industry is the CorelDraw and Adobe Suite. Note that, both the software are owned by different companies and they have their own feel or look.

The conversion process is not a piece of cake as you have to trace an entire image using different tools. To perfectly convert raster to vector, you need to have prior experience with all the tools within the software.

Regarding the conversion process, there are two misconceptions:

1- To master this skill, a designer needs years of experience and practice of multiple hours. People think that they can get the vector image or logo by just installing software, but that’s not true!

2- Secondly, people think the conversion can be done for free with the help of a link. On the internet, you might come across those links that say click to get the conversion. It is simply clickbait! Don’t click on that! Software can’t do the process on its own, it needs the input of a skilled designer to do the desired task.

That’s all you should know about vector art. Whenever you want to get the custom vector service for your business needs, connect with a skilled digitizing agency with great years of experience. The experts will do the job for you in less time and at an affordable price. Don’t trust freelancers for this job as they might waste your time and may not provide you satisfactory end results. Read more info visit

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