What are some examples of AI Implementation in marketing today?

Nowadays, the idea of internet marketing is applied more frequently than the idea of traditional marketing. Digital transformation rapidly invaded, absorbed, and transformed offline operations like market analysis and consumer research. AI has set a new standard for digital marketing in the meanwhile. AI technology makes it much simpler to operate. We cannot but mention that not only marketers have benefited enormously from this development but consumers as well.

Although artificial intelligence is already being actively used in marketing and has a major influence on the market, experts are confident that this is just the beginning. AI’s main goal is to teach itself how to think, analyze, and make decisions like a real being. We have some examples of successful AI implementation for you. Keep reading, if you are interested.


What Is AI?

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AI refers to the ability of computer programs to learn, make decisions, and do things that are human-like. That is the reason why most people are susceptible to representing it as humanoid creatures(look at the picture above). But we consider such a concept to be wrong.

AI can be rather imagined as some kind of computing power tuned to solve specific applied problems. The solution is faster than in manual mode and is often of better quality. However, smart AI behavior comes not only from programming-based methods but also owes machine learning. 

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For instance, in order to teach AI to identify the emotions of people in photographs, it is given a large sample of photographs. All of them are made with diverse lighting, in many places, and with different people. Under the supervision of specialists, AI gradually learns to recognize this quite accurately. New York car rental age policy allows you to pick up an automobile starting at age 21.

AI in Content Making

Artificial intelligence is used to speed up content production. Texts written by AI can be based on certain data, predetermined topics, or analyses of related materials. Ai technology can also prepare reports, write rough drafts of text, and suggest topics for content writers.


Since 2015,  the Heliograf bot has been used firstly by The Washington Post to help them in news gathering. This is an automated system that operates together with editorial staff. In the beginning, the coverage of the Olympic Games was done with it: reporters prepared templates, and as soon as the sporting events were over, AI filled in the blanks with relevant information and published the outcomes on various websites.

Heliograf was later used for analytical articles and any template news too. The bot substituted data and phrases into the templates and produced the finished text in less than 30 seconds. Of course, editors had to create templates in advance, and journalists, in turn, created a database of key phrases. Do you need a New York car rental featuring a lot of car rental options? Don’t worry if you haven’t reached the recommended car rental age(which is 25 years). 

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AI is Able to Predict Your Next Order 

Starbucks’ app and artificial intelligence technology can now foresee when a customer will place their next order. The coffee company app keeps track of purchases by gathering data on the store’s location, the time, and the precise order.

The Starbucks marketing team can send more customized and specialized ads to customers who might be able to make a purchase with the help of this particular data. This message provides suggestions for what to order as well as any exclusive deals or promotions.

AI Drives the Advertising and Targeting Campaign

Advertising may be improved and made more effective with the use of artificial intelligence. Google and Facebook have been utilizing it in their systems for a while. Google Performance Max was the major launch in this area over the past year. All Google websites have their adverts managed by an AI system at once. The user just needs to make a few more changes, submit the creatives’ materials, and indicate the desired audience.


To accomplish their objectives, modern marketing tactics mainly count on technical means. AI technology, which first of all helps decision-making and tactic development, is considered to be the top solution. AI in marketing has been demonstrated to be trustworthy and effective. You meet and interact with this kind of technology every day, so we cannot deny its essential role, not only in trade or marketing but in science and everyday life too.

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